Healing Song by Lyricallynn (Official Video)



Official Video: Published on March 7, 2018 Lyricallynn – Healing song Album- I Won’t Hold Me Back Description : I struggled for years with Vocal nodules, Thyroid nodules, and Fibroid tumors. When I lost my voice, I had to stop teaching music, I was devastated, I didn’t think i would be able to sing or teach again. My spirit was crushed. To make matters worse, tumors invaded my body, I felt hurt and ashamed…… I had to do something about it.

I was then reminded of stories I’d read in the bible about people, who struggled like I did, we all had one thing in common, determination to be healed, set free, to live delivered. Journey to Healing: My struggles set me on my new path to healing. I changed my thinking, my eating, determined to let nothing stop me even myself..

In the midst of my struggle, Yahweh gave me a song..as i went through months of vocal therapy, treatments, fasting and prayer, He gave me the words to help me find my voice and deliverance from my iniquities. My story is best put in song- my testimony is that I am healed and delivered from it all. Everyday I profess it, and claim it.

Healing Song  is featured on Lyricallynn’s EP Album ” I won’t hold me back”  now available on iTunes! Download it here: http://bit.ly/lyricallynn_healingsong


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Music Video by Lyricallynn performing “Healing song.” (C) 2013

Allilga Publishing (BMI) Lyricallynnmusic Publiishing (SESAC).

Written By: Lililita Forbes (Lyricallynn)

Video Directed by: Michael Cork -Macork Solutions,Tallahassee Florida.

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