Local Singer-Songwriter Lili Forbes as the Tallahassee Honorary Artist-in-Residence
February 21, 2020

UR2.Global Self-Esteem Arts Project Names Local Singer-Songwriter Lili Forbes as the Tallahassee Honorary Artist-in-Residence for its First Local Singer-Songwriter and Spoken Word Arts Challenge to Uplift the Self-Esteem of Children

Tallahassee, FL – UR2.Global Self-Esteem Arts Project Names Local Singer-Songwriter Lili Forbes as the Tallahassee Honorary Artist-in-Residence for its First Local Singer-Songwriter and Spoken Word Arts Challenge to uplift the self-esteem of children. UR2 means “you are too” – an equal, important, valuable human-being. The organization is mostly known for its international artist challenges for adults to build self-esteem and is now offering its first local artist challenge to coincide with its “Ur2-4real Initiative” dedicated to uplifting youth. Local composer, Lili Forbes receives the distinction of having the local artist challenge named in her honor. As such, performing artists throughout the metropolitan area are invited to perform and submit original lyrics and spoken word poetry for the “First Local UR2.Global – Lili Forbes Performing Artist Challenge” that begins this March, to uplift the self-esteem of children and receive awards.

Lililita (Lili) Forbes is an award-winning performing artist that resides in Tallahassee and was born on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Professionally known by her stage name “Lyrical Lynn.” She has commissioned the instrumental music to her song titled “Children of the Nation” to the UR2.Global Arts Project for local artists to use in the local artist challenge. Lili is well-known in both the local arts scene in Tallahassee and St. Maarten, having released her latest album “I Won’t Hold Me Back” and six (6) additional albums prior to her solo album that she wrote with her twin sister – three of which received Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards. She also received the 2019 Caribbean American Heritage Award for her community service work as it relates to education, music, and culture. Lili graduated from FAMU with a B.S. in Music Education and a minor in Theatre. On stage she has performed with The FAMU Essential Theatre, FSU’s Triple Threat Theatre Troop, and A&A Productions & Quincy Musical Theatre. As a Lead composer, she is also at work completing the music and final score for a musical based on an Emmy Award winning short film. Currently, she is the Vice President of the Tallahassee-St. Maarten Foundation, and has worked as a teacher in both Florida and St. Maarten, teaching music, worship, vocal coaching, as well as having been a creative arts director.

Lili states, “I’m honored to be the first local honoree for the UR2.Global Self-Esteem Arts Project and was attracted to the organization because of how they embrace and uplift the self-esteem of all races, cultures, and creeds on a global scale. Also, as a teacher, I especially identified with their UR2-4real youth initiative, because the world through the eyes of children is a bright and colorful place, a place where all our differences, though unique, come together, to live, play, and grow.”

UR2.Global President – Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC – a non-secular doctor of metaphysical theology, licensed psychotherapist, author and singer-songwriter, created the UR2.Global arts project to blend the performing arts with the healing arts after witnessing how quickly her Dr. K’s Music Therapy (her stage name) penetrated her adult clients and audiences. She stated, “Adding a youth component to the UR2.Global Self-esteem Arts Project came about as a result of recalling when I was a former Director of Mental Health Counseling within the school board in South Florida. I treated a variety of kids ranging from the ‘at-risk’ to ‘magnet students’ that did not seem to believe they were important, equal or valuable, which caused me to repeatedly say to them ‘you are too, for real.’ This led to naming the self-esteem project as a whole ‘UR2.Global’ (you are too) and then naming the youth aspect ‘UR2-4real’ (you are too, for real) to help fortify within our youth a stronger sense of self-esteem. Thus, this year’s first local artist challenge to uplift children is one more step in that direction since the earlier we instill the fact that everyone matters, the better the prognosis is for it to be sustainable.”

All artists that submit a song or spoken word poem will receive awards for helping uplift children. Registration to submit an entry is now open. To view the full submission guidelines and deadlines, visit the UR2.Global website and click the Local Lili Forbes UR2.Global Artist Challenge link, or email Mr. Lamarr at UR2.Global@gmail.com. UR2.Global Arts Project is a project of The Sacretherapy® Institute – A Not-for-profit 501 C3 organization.